2016 Daguerreian Society Benefit Auction Terms
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TERMS FOR DONATIONS: All donations gratefully accepted. 

TERMS FOR CONSIGNMENTS: Must be quality or quantity. We are selective regarding consignments, to ensure a quality auction. Our purpose is to raise money and provide entertainment. Please send scans and/or descriptions of proposed consignments to Greg French at gregfren@comcast.net or call 617-522-3610. 

Once approved, consignments can be mailed directoy to: Greg French, P.O. Box 302283, Jamaca Plain, MA 02130. Insurance and/or tracking is recommended. 

All correspondence is confidential. We use the utmost discretion with all of our consignors. 

SELLER'S COMMISSION OF 10%. Likewise, this benefits The Daguerreian Society and is below the norm.

BUYER'S PREMIUM OF 10%. The auction's purpose is to generate revenue for The Daguerreian Society. A buyer's premium of 10% is below the norm.  [We presumably want to add the LiveAuctioneers premium when lots are bought through them. That has apparently just changed from 3% to 5%. So we might be 10% premium or 15% premium if bought through LiveAuctioneers.]

BUY-IN FEE OF 5%. This only applies to items auctioned with reserves. The buy-in fee for lots unsold is 5% of the reserve, with a maximum of $200. For example, if a consignor reserves an item for $600 and it is unsold, the fee will be $30. For an unmet reserve of $2000, the fee will be $100. For an unmet reserve of $4000 or more, the fee would be $200 (i.e. the maximum). 

CATALOGUES: The catalogue is for the Live Auction only, and will be available in two formats: 1) We will have this on-line catalogue available here. 2) We will provide printed catalogues the day of the auction. 

ABSENTEE BIDS are encouraged. We run these auctions with the utmost integrity. All bids will be competitively bid with total discretion, in increments against other real bids. All absentee bids will be confidential. Absentee bids will be executed immediately, unless a 'Stealth bid' is requested (an absentee bid that isn't executed until the night of the auction). 

Absentee bids may be placed by calling Greg French at 617-522-3610 (until Sunday, November 1, 2015, 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time) or by emailing Greg at gregfren@comcast.net (until the absentee bidding deadline). 

Email is preferred as it provides a timestamped record of your bids. 

The deadline for absentee bids is November 6, 2015, 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

STARTING BIDS for all lots will be $100. [For LiveAuctioneers we either need to specify starting bids or they will default to starting at 50% of the low estimate. I suppose doing that could result in weak lots being passed, but it would tend to move the auction along faster too.]

CURRENT BID is defined as the SECOND HIGHEST BIDDER'S MAXIMUM BID PLUS ONE INCREMENT (see increment table below). WE NEVER REVEAL THE HIGH BIDDER'S MAXIMUM BID. (This is the same concept that eBay uses.) 

INCREMENTS: [These also need to be consistent with what we state for the LiveAuctioneers auction. Should I try to maintain these increments there?]
Up to $100 bids will be in $10 increments.
From $100-$500 bids will be in $25 increments.
From $500-$1000 bids will be in $50 increments.
From $1000 up bids will be in $100 increments.
From $2500-$5000 bids will be in $250 increments.
From $5000-$10,000 bids will be in $500 increments.
From $10,000 up bids will be in $1000 increments. 

We reserve the right to revert to smaller increments during the bidding process. 


AUCTION COMMITTEE: [Have different people been involved this year?]

Diane Filippi
Michael Peterson
Greg French
Doug Scougale
Craig James
Dennis Williams