The Daguerreian Society
For sheer beauty, the daguerreotype has no equal. We are pleased to present the following galleries for your enjoyment:

Images from our over-1000 Image NEA Database in Gallery Format (test version)

The American scene is captured in nine daguerreotypes from the Mark Koenigsberg collection

Ten superb daguerreotypes from the collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society

A selection of nine California daguerreotypes from the collection of The Oakland Museum

The effort to document the changing face of the nation

The daguerreotype as an effectual window to our past

Selections from the collection of John Hannavy

A selection of images made by both the Becquerel and the mercury development methods

Five images from a workshop sponsored by the George Eastman House

Take a "virtual tour" of this Broadway gallery

Placed in our "Resources" but worthy of mention here ... we have available the following daguerreian-illustrated texts:

— the 1896 article "The Daguerreotype in America"
— the 1912 article "The Daguerreotype"
— the 1904 article "The Lost Art of the Daguerreotype"

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